The Probation Office of DeKalb County Juvenile Court

The Probation Division ensures that the youth receive the best services to meet their unique needs while they are involved with the justice system. These services are delivered with or without formal court intervention, depending on the nature of the offense, the background of the youth, the community safety issues impacted by that child’s behavior, and the needs of the victims of any offenses. Probation works with youth throughout the court process from adjudication to disposition. While on formal or informal probation, a youth must follow all rules and regulations. These conditions address the needs of the youth as well as the family and encourage future success. Each youth is assigned a Probation Officer who monitors compliance and helps the youth connect with service providers. Supervisors of the division are responsible for ensuring that youth placed under supervision are provided guidance and services to protect, restore, redirect and support youth in their communities.

DeAndre T. Allen

Chief Probation Officer


Intensive Probation

Intensive Supervision includes cases that require special handling. The Probation Officers who manage these caseloads use evidence-based practices to hold the youth accountable based on their actions and the intense nature the offenses. Intensive supervision is provided to juvenile within the community, when combined with surveillance, accountability and community protection, have proven the effective alternatives home placement. The Probation Officers emphasize frequent accountability at home, school, and the community. Additional supports and treatment at ensure successful completion their term of probation and program. The Probation Officers assigned caseload provide supervision accountability and specialty courts and sex offenders.

School-based Supervision

The School-Based Supervision Unit is comprised of probation officers are assigned to regions within the DeKalb County School System. The unit is divided two sections that consists of School-Based Supervision Officers (SBPO’s) assigned of seven regions the DeKalb County School System (DCSS). These Probation Officers manage and supervise youth have been adjudicated delinquent and placed on probation by Court. To works closely with school counselors, administrators, resource officers, social workers, and other school personnel to provide supervision. They also supervise Truant cases and of intervention services to schools which are assigned.

Special Services

Special Services is comprised of Probation Officers who oversee the courtroom, Incompetent Cases, and C.H.I.N.S. youth.

Court-based Probation
The DeKalb Juvenile Court Based Probation Officers (CBO) acts as the Probation Department's liaison within assigned courtrooms. They are responsible for attending court and representing the Probation Department in the courtroom for scheduled delinquent hearings. They obtain pertinent information to prepare reports and offer appropriate recommendations, for dispositional outcomes.

Incompetent Probation
The Incompetent Probation officer/Case Manager is responsible for handling all court matters regarding youth who have been found to be incompetent. The PO develops suitable and comprehensive competency plans to present to the court for adoption. After the adoption plan is ordered, the probation officer manages and supervises the caseload to ensure compliance of the plan. This Probation Officer also oversees the Incompetent Multi-System panel team, which consist of community members who come together to assist in making appropriate recommendations for incompetency plans.

The C.H.I.N.S. (Children in Need of Services) team manage and supervise youth who come into the court with CHINS cases (i.e. Runaway; Ungovernable, Truancy, Violation of Curfew and Violation of Parks). They offer support structures for parents. They conduct Orientations for entry CHINS cases. They also schedule and represent the court by attending Truancy Prevention programs throughout the community.

Sanctions & Incentives

Probation supervision is supported by several tools are assist, with gaining compliance. Much like parents use allowances, gifts, chores, loss of privileges and other rewards and consequences; our Probation Division uses sanctions (consequences) and incentives (rewards) in deterring negative behaviors while reinforcing positive behaviors.

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